Activities Agrovision

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Activities Agrovision


Agrovision is specialised in designing, constructing, marketing and supporting software packages for the primary agricultural sector and related agribusiness.

Design and construction

All products offered by Agrovision are constructed and maintained by the company itself. This allows us to react quickly to market developments or changes in local legislation. Agrovision works with a team specialised in the agricultural sector and software development.
The desktop products are developed in Delphi. Central Internet applications use a MS-SQL-server database, with Delphi.NET and Intraweb as design tools.


The Agrovision account managers form two groups. One group is aimed at agricultural companies in the Netherlands. The other group focuses on sourcing and supporting the dealers outside the Netherlands and relationship management of all major accounts in the agribusiness. The languages used with our contacts abroad are mainly English or German.

Technical Support

Clients with a maintenance contract receive technical support from the Support team during installation and later use of the software. Use of the telephone helpdesk is often included in the maintenance contract. As well as direct client support, this department is also responsible for training and support for dealers at home and abroad.