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PigWIN Features

PigWIN Benefits

Multiple Data Entry Options

  • Individual animal history screen.
  • Batch data entry for vaccinations, pregnancy test results, etc.
  • Spreadsheet data entry format from management lists.
  • Hand-held option for remote data entry and recall.

NEW: Animal Health Treatment Features.

  • Design your treatment plans for specific diseases and conditions.
  • Monitor treatments and withdrawal times.
  • Report on pharmaceutical use and observance of withdrawal times.

Instant graphical data representation - switch between tables and graphics with a single click

  • Improves your interpretation of your data.
  • Easy performance monitoring.

Print your own Sow Cards

  • Print on plain paper or card.
  • No special forms to buy.
  • Flexible custom options

BLUP sow indexing option

  • Each time you wean, select your best sows for producing your own breeding herd replacements.
  • Sow Productivity Index identifies which animals to breed pure, to breed commercial, or to cull.

Your data resides on your computer(s)

  • No data share requirement.
  • Stand alone system works on your own computer(s).
  • You control who see your data.

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