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PigWIN Features

PigWIN Benefits

A wealth of experience

  • PigWIN team members have been developing, using and improving pork production records systems worldwide since the early 1980's.

Reports with built-in advanced diagnostics options

  • When you identify an area requiring your attention, use powerful diagnostic filter to break out the report by animal, place and time to help identify what is limiting your herd's productivity.

NEW: On-line benchmarking

  • Compare the performance of your herd against your peers.
  • Helps you understand your strengths & opportunities for improvement.
  • Helps you set realistic performance targets for your herd.

Custom Report Generator

  • Allows you to construct your own tables, graphs, and analyses to address specific questions of interest.
  • Helps improve you understanding of the relationships among performance measures.

NEW: Gilt Pool Management Reports

  • Monitor your supply of replacement gilts.
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your replacement gilt management policy.

NEW: Animal Health Treatment Features

  • Design your treatment plans for specific diseases and conditions.
  • Monitor treatments and withdrawal times.
  • Report on pharmaceutical use and observance of withdrawal times.

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