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Veterinarians & Consultants

PigWIN Features

PigWIN Benefits

Instant graphical data representation - switch between tables and graphics with a single click!

  • Improves your interpretation of your data.
  • Easy performance monitoring.

Reports with built-in advanced diagnostics options

  • Use powerful diagnostic filters to break out reports by animal, place and time to help identify productivity limiting factors.

Custom Report Generator

  • Construct your own tables, graphs, and analyses to address specific questions of interest.
  • Helps improve you understanding of the relationships among performance measures.

NEW: On-line benchmarking

  • Compare the performance of individual herds against its peers.
  • Helps you identify strengths & opportunities for improvement.
  • Helps you set realistic performance targets for your clients' herd.

NEW: Animal Health Treatment Features

  • Design your treatment plans for specific diseases and conditions.
  • Monitor treatments and withdrawal times.
  • Report on pharmaceutical use and observance of withdrawal times.

Boar / Semen / Technician Reports

  • Allows you to monitor, the "male" side of the breeding equation.
  • Identifies issues where materials or techniques require attention.

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