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PIGWIN Today's best tool to improve your profitability





  • Manage your breeding herd production and health records in a Windows® environment.
  • Generate action lists to help schedule critical management activities
  • Monitor and analyse vital areas of your breeding herd
  • Access the information you need, in the format you want it.
  • Communicate with and motivate your personnel to observe key management details by graphing performance.
  • Detect and diagnose emerging problems before they cause serious financial loss


  • Monitor groups of growing pigs from weaning to market in nursery, finisher, or wean-to-finish groups.
  • Enter financial as well as feed and pig movement data.
  • Understand your costs per unit of weight gain and per head and unit weight marketed.
  • Current Inventories report shows work-in-process for any date.
  • Builds database for SupplyManager module


  • Projects delivery of market pigs from on-farm growing pig inventories and growth rates.
  • Uses herd-specific growth curves and desired marketing weights.
  • A benefit of maintaining complete, accurate, and up-to-date PigWIN data.
  • Improve your understanding of animal flow.
  • Fine-tune your animal flow to eliminate bottlenecks and improve profits.

PigLitter Total Farm

  • Merge individual herd PigLitter databases into large multi-herd database.
  • Use the power of numbers to identify significant strengths and weaknesses across the entire production system.
  • A powerful tool for veterinarians and consultants.


  • Reports up-to-date data critical to managers and consultants.
  • Collects, structures, and reports farm-level breeding and growing herd data and information at periodic intervals from PigWIN databases.
  • Automatically generates and transmits secure reports inventories, event summaries, and key performance indicators.
  • Open-architecture database is fully documented and accessible "expert mode" for interfacing with your own proprietary databases
  • Menu-driven user interface for non-technical users

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